how should I dress my baby for baby plan portraits?

What clothing is best for baby portraits?

Most of my newborn clients return to the studio four times in their baby’s first year to have portraits made of the milestone developmental stages—propping, sitting alone, cruising, and we finish with a first birthday portrait.

After the final session parents select their favorite portrait from each of the four sessions and I use them to create their baby’s panel.

Clothing is a big piece of a beautiful baby panel.

The most common question parents ask is how to dress their child to make sure the panel looks terrific when it’s complete.

The first baby plan portraits, done when your baby is propping up, are always done in a white diaper cover which I supply.

Some parents choose to do their entire panel with baby dressed in a diaper cover—it’s a great way to show off your baby’s beautiful skin.

Color matters when dressing your baby for portraits

Baby blues and baby pinks look terrific in the panel and many parents have chosen to make it super easy on themselves and continue to dress their baby in white all through the portraits; this creates a classic, timeless panel.

If you choose to add clothing, give some thought to what your child will wear for their portraits—being sure that the blue (pink, green, red…) he wears in his twelve month portraits looks great with the blue  (pink, green, red…) he wore in his six and nine month portraits.

Small designs on clothing work better than big logos or graphics. Little flowers and small checks are perfect and won’t steal attention from your baby’s face.