family portraits on location

It’s not too early to schedule your outside family portrait

Fall is just around the corner and I’ve already begun scheduling family portraits on location.
While most of my portraits happen in my studios I know families like to have portraits made in natural spaces where they’ll feel less stressed and more relaxed.

Great spaces for outdoor portraits

Many of my families choose the grounds of the Nelson-Atkins Museum or the beautiful Loose Park with its bridges, ponds and rock walls for their portraits because it’s easy to navigate with ample parking. There’s a variety of wonderful spaces within the park to use as a backdrop in creating your family’s portraits which means in a small space I can offer you great variety. Many of my families prefer to have me create portraits in their homes or yards.
Some things to considering when preparing for an outside family portrait—wear clothing that is comfortable. Some groupings will call for standing, others for sitting, and some for leaning or resting against walls, trees or other structures.

What to wear for your family portraits

Clothing with colors and tones that go together makes for visually pleasing portraits. Clothes don’t have to match; for a unified look consider dressing in color families—blues, greens, rusts, reds, black/charcaol—these all look great outside. If you’re not sure your clothing ‘works’ together consider laying the pieces out on a bed or floor and look at it to see if anything stands out or simply doesn’t match; if that’s the case remove that item and try another.
Because so many of my family portraits include very young children I find that seated poses work great to keep the family members close to each other. Seated poses will often show the feet so be sure to consider shoes when dressing for your location session. Bare feet are adorable in family portriats, even family portraits made outside, so long as the weather isn’t too cold.

My location portraits are quick, painless and beautiful

When creating family portraits I photograph the entire family together then the children individually, siblings together, parents together, and any other mix-ups you’d like—just ask!
It’s not too early to reserve your spot on my 2018 location schedule, contact me at

You can see samples of my family portraits here:

Lea Murphy