how to ensure a great newborn session


Bring the baby, I've got everything else

Newborns are some of my most favorite people in the whole world to photograph. They are tiny and wrinkly and wonderful and I get to meet them when they're brand new and smell oh so good!

Here's a few things you can do to help ensure a wonderful newborn session:

Feed your baby as much as possible before you come in for your session. It's not always possible, I know, and for that reason it's a good idea to bring a bottle if you're not breastfeeding. It's very common to take a break during a newborn session so baby can eat—this modeling gig is a lot of work!

Leave the worrying to me

As unlikely as it seems newborn sessions don't require much—just bring the baby and I have everything I'll need to create beautiful portraits. I have swaddles and onesies, baby washcloths if things get messy, and a beautiful studio where I create my newborn images.

Some families like to have special quilts or blankets in their newborn's portraits and some even bring toys of their own from back when they were babies. I'm always happy to incorporate those items into your newborn's portraits but they are not required.

It's a good idea to bring extra diapers and a pacifier if your baby might need it.

My newborn sessions are fast and efficient

I keep my newborn sessions purposefully simple and efficient in order to create portraits that capture your baby exactly as she is—pure, perfect and beautiful.

When photographing newborns I like to include parents in some of the images so please come prepared to be photographed with your new baby. I know, I know—baby weight and no sleep. But trust me, these are images you'll treasure for the rest of your life. Simple, light-colored clothing is best.