Photographing families is some of the most rewarding work I do. Because families are ever-changing—new babies join the family, older kids are growing, losing their teeth, going through their awkward stages—it’s always a best time to have your family’s portrait made. When photographing families I photograph the group in its entirety then do breakout sessions of various sub-groups—the children individually then together, the parents together (the kids LOVE to help me make them smile), the boys with their dad, the girls with their mom, boys with mom, girls with dad, all the girls together, all the boys togther, best buddy siblings together, and any other combination you can dream of. I know that getting your family together for a portrait takes some wrangling and so I work hard to make it carefree and fun. I want you to remember the experience as much as the portraits help you remember how your family is at this particular time. In the studio or on location, your family portraits are some of the most valuable possessions you’ll ever have.

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